Haarring (dikker knoopje) 9 krt goud / Hair ring 9 krt Gold

183 EUR

Let me hide myself in thee. Is the title of this collection and is about the wish to hide yourself in someone you love. This imprint of hair, a fine braid gives a twist of the traditional habit to wear a little piece of hair of your loved one with you. I worked with hair to make a fine braid and was casted in silver and 9 krt gold and 14 krt.

There are two designs one slightly thicker with a flat knot #1. And this listing is the one with a large knot #2. 
Size can be customized, please send me your size with the order.

Size:  2,0 mm thick.
Ring size: as you wish
Packed: Jewellery box.
Material: 9 krt Gold alloy Fair gold